Which APIs are available for you

At the time of writing only selected “partners” and Sparebanken Vest have access to our APIs. Each partner have their own relationship to their customer’s accounts and data outside Sparebanken Vest. When applying and being granted access to our APIs, you will only be able to get data for Sparebanken Vest customers.

Only some of our APIs will be available to you as a third party provider (TPP). Access to more APIs can be granted based on the agreement you have with Sparebanken Vest. The APIs presented to you in this portal should represent the ones you have access to, but in some cases you might see the documentation before actual API access is granted.

Customer identification

For now the APIs require that the TPP is responsible for authenticating the end user. The TPP will then pass the identification details to the API to access data on behalf of the customer.

Sparebanken Vest will soon require strong customer authentication (SCA) along with references to customer consent in our own security platform and before allowing access to any data. For chosen partners/TPP’s this might not be applicable.

Payment Service User (PSU)

Payment service user (PSU) is a recurring term used for identifying a customer in requests. The abbreviation “PSU-Corporate-*” is used to identify the company the end user represents. Other abbreviations of the term also exist and will contain data about the end user. Currently this information is required for each request to APIs used in a customer context, but will be replaced with references to specific consents.


An end-user can grant a third party solution access to their data in the form of consent. When a TPP create consent at Sparebanken Vest’s /consents endpoint, we might require the end-user to identify themselves with SCA before making the consent active. This consent might then be used to perform actions on behalf of the end-user. This is the method that most users will use if no other approach is agreed on between a TPP and Sparebanken Vest.

Our consents solution is currently under development, and this portal will be updated as soon as it is available.